old-fashioned? never...

These aren't your grandma's sweets. Sure, pastry chef and founder Melissa Schack comes from a long line of ladies who knew their way around the kitchen, and she takes her inspiration from their pride, their creativity and their way with a whisk. But the tasty treats you'll find at Balaboosta's Bakery are Melissa's alone.
From inventive cupcakes ranging from gooey S'mores to dulce de leche, down to the classic chocolate chip cookie, her flair for flavor is evident in every treat that comes out of the oven. One bite, and you'll be feeling the 'sweet love'.
Balaboosta's Bakery is not an egg, dairy, tree or peanut free, wheat or soybean free establishment.
Our cupcakes are decorated by hand and may not appear exactly as they are in the pictures.
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