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A "balaboosta" (bah-lah-BOO-sta) is essentially a Yiddish word for the perfect woman that is great at decorating, hosting, gardening and, yes, baking – she does it all. What's more, she does it flawlessly, all without breaking a sweat.

Old-fashioned? Never.

These aren't your grandma's sweets. Sure, pastry chef and founder Melissa Schack Blasberg comes from a long line of ladies who knew their way around the kitchen, and she takes her inspiration from their pride, their creativity, and their way with a whisk. But the tasty treats you'll find at Balaboosta's Bakery are Melissa's alone. From inventive cookies ranging from brownie stuffed to milky way stuffed, down to the classic fudge brownie, her flair for flavor is evident in every treat that comes out of the oven. One bite, and you'll be feeling the "sweet love."

Sweet love?

You bet. These aren't just tasty confections; they're the product of a lifelong passion for baking good food for good people. Mixed in with the decadent icing and rich cookies and cakes, Melissa's love of her art is evident in every mouthful—and that's a pretty sweet thing.

The Girl Behind the Goodies

Some girls go to the spa to relax; Melissa Schack goes to the kitchen. This is where she feels most at home: concocting rich batters, filling the air with sugary scents, putting the finishing touches on a cake or cookie. Melissa has been obsessed with sharing the sweet love since the age of 4, but it wasn't until she entered the workforce that she realized her true destiny lay in desserts. After years of wowing her officemates with her homemade confections, she finally devoted herself to the art of baking in culinary school. In 2009, Melissa earned her degree in baking and pastry arts from the Institute of Culinary Education in Manhattan. Armed with a lifetime of  kitchen skills, and her signature philosophy of "sweet love," she's taking New York by storm. Next up: the world!

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